The Assassination of JFK

[originally published as CONSPIRACY - which reflected the House Assassinations Committee's finding that Kennedy's murder was the result of a conspiracy - "probably".]

Six decades on, does President Kennedy's assassination - back in 1963 - still matter? It is now as far from us in time as the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was for people living during World War I. Yet the murder still haunts America and the wider world. For those who were adults at the time, the killing of President Kennedy remains a generational milestone. For those much younger, what happened in Dallas persists as a spectral presence even in this new century.

"It might not be in your lifetime", said the then Chief Justice of the United States, Earl Warren, asked whether all documentation on the case would be made public, "There may be some things that would involve security." Almost six decades on, and in spite of a law requiring that everything would at last be released, President Donald Trump has agreed that some material must still be withheld. If Kennedy was killed by a lone, deluded gunman, why is that necessary?

Drawing on forty years of studying the case, Anthony Summers analyses the evidence for the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald - the alleged assassin - and suggestions that the Mafia or the CIA - or both, or, by contrast, Communist Cuba - may have been behind the murder. This book has been through many editions. In the most recent one, Summers reports on a perhaps plausible admission of involvement.
This is the defining account of the most intractable mystery of our time. It won the Crime Writers' Association's top award for non-fiction on crime.


AMAZON (U.S Edition)
AMAZON (U.K Edition)

Praise for 
Not In Your Lifetime

“The closest we have to that literary chimera, a definitive work on the events in Dallas."
                                                                                                         The Boston Globe

“An awesome work, with the power of a plea as from Zola for justice.”
 Los Angeles Times

“Fresh and important . . . We rush on through [Summers’] narrative as if we were reading an artful thriller.” 

                                                                                                   The New York Times

"Races along like a John Le Carré novel... I began it again as soon as I had finished"
                                                                                                             Norman Mailer

"A dark fascination, the deepest reading yet of the mysteries that whirl around that heartshaking moment in Dallas... a brilliant work of investigation and a subterranean history of our time."
                                                    Don DeLillo, author of Libra and Underworld

"By far the most convincing book... enthralling"                                                                                                                                                           [London] Observer



The research for the book led to two film documentaries, both of which featured the author. For BBC'S Panorama, with Michael Cockerell - as "The Assassination of President Kennedy". And, in the United States, "The Kennedy Assassination: What Do We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then?"​