“An important book that should give us all pause,
especially policy makers”
                            Philadelphia Inquirer

“Summers’ case against Hoover is overwhelming” 
                        Christian Science Monitor

Updated with the latest evidence, Pulitzer Prize finalist Anthony Summers’s essential, acclaimed account of President Kennedy’s assassination

“He was holding out his hand . . . He looked puzzled . . . Then he slumped in my lap . . . I kept bending over him saying, ‘Jack, Jack, can you hear me? I love you, Jack . . .’ The seat was full of blood and red roses . . . .” —Jacqueline Kennedy, recalling the fatal moment in Dallas

Fifty years on, most Americans still feel they have not been told the truth about President Kennedy’s death. Chief Justice Warren, who chaired the first inquiry, said “some things” that “involve security” might not be released in our lifetime. Millions of pages of assassination records were finally made public in the late 1990s. Yet the CIA is withholding more than a thousand documents under “national security”—until 2017.

Why? Why hold these records back if—as we were told half a century ago—Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin? Anthony Summers set out to write a reliable account of the murder mystery that haunts America.

“Fresh and important . . . We rush on through [Summers’s] narrative as if we were reading an artful thriller.” —The New York Times

“An awesome work, with the power of a plea as from Zola for justice.”—Los Angeles Times

“The closest we have to that literary chimera, a definitive work on the events in Dallas.”—The Boston Globe

Not in Your Lifetime
"The first fully documented biography...a definitive,
‘generational’ work."
                     Vanity Fair

"Anthony Summers never writes a book that fails
to offer accurate material you will find nowhere else.
No surprise then that Sinatra: The Life is one of the
very few bona fide, three-dimensional portraits of an
amazingly complex, interesting and sometimes
god-awful guy."
                           Norman Mailer

"A mountain of information…fascinating"
                       Los Angeles Times

“Dense and intimate…first-rate reporting.”
“Summers has done an enormous service”  
                                                         New York Times

“Devastating …no-one interested in history, politics,
government or the American presidency should ignore it” 
                                   Chicago Tribune
“A convincing picture of how the Establishment closed
                               The Spectator

“Outstanding research … unputdownable” 
                Charles Bates, former Asst. Director, FBI
“Meticulous research ... elegantly controversial” 
                             New York Times
“Pries open cracks in the wall of silence” 
                        The Economist

“A remarkable performance … the ghost of Marilyn Monroe
cries out on these pages.”
                             New York Times

“Electrifying and heartrending biography... A master
investigative journalist has painted a haunting portrait.”
                    Literary Guild Magazine
                          Copyright Anthony Summers, 2014
Sinatra: The Life, [2005]
The Arrogance of Power, [2000]
Official & Confidential, [1993]
Goddess, [1985]
The File on the Tsar, [1976]
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Honeytrap, [1987]