We think we know the story well: In the devastating aftermath of Pearl Harbor, Admiral Husband Kimmel, commander-in-chief of the Pacific Fleet, was relieved of command, accused of dereliction of duty, and publicly disgraced.

The truth, though, was that the top brass in Washington had failed to provide Kimmel with vital intelligence. Then, in the name of protecting the biggest U.S intelligence secret of the day, they and top officials made the Admiral and the Army commander in Hawaii scapegoats for the catastrophe.

In this conversation-changing book, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan not only tell Kimmel’s story, they unravel the many apparent mysteries of Pearl Harbor, uncover duplicity and betrayal in high places in Washington, but clear President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the charge that he knew the attack was coming.

Both houses of Congress have voted for the posthumous restoration of the Admiral’s four-star rank. No president, however, has taken action to complete the process. A Matter of Honor is a heartbreaking human story of politics and war – and epic history.


"Reads like a thriller...An airtight case that Admiral Kimmel should not have been blamed,,,Through the extensive use of primary sources, including some previous unavailable, the authors delineate who in the U.S. government and military knew about Japan's intentions. Tragically, there were dots that American intelligence did not properly connect. Kimmel was scapegoated and slandered without basis..."
                                                                                                        Publishers Weekly     

"Meticulous, eloquent, and compelling - and hugely readable. The 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack is well served by A MATTER OF HONOR."
                                                                           Simon Winchester, author of PACIFIC
"A fine book. Summers and Swan drive a stake through the heart of the outrageous theory which, like Dracula, has stubbornly refused to die - that villainous conspirators, including President Roosevelt - were somehow responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Scrupulously researched and rigorously argued, A Matter of Honor also rehabilitates the reputation of Admiral Husband Kimmel, who took the fall for the incompetence and snafus of the higher-ups who are the real villains of this compellingly told story."
                     David M. Kennedy, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Freedom from Fear: The American
                     People in Depression & War, 1929-1945

"Anthony Summers' & Robbyn Swan's A Matter of Honor is a noble and right-minded portrait of Admiral Kimmel, the scapegoat for Pearl Harbor.The amount of fresh research is deeply impressive. Never again, too, can anybody claim that FDR knew about the bombing in advance. Highly recommended!"
                     Douglas Brinkley, author of Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt & the Land of America

"The most comprehensive, accurate and thoroughly researched book of events leading up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ever written. It provides new information never before revealed...This book identifies ten senior Washington officials who were never held accountable...Admiral Harold Stark, Chief of Naval Operations, not only betrayed Kimmel but committed perjury before the Naval Court of Inquiry. As a matter of honor, for the institution of the U.S. Navy, it is long past due to correct the injustice that has been imposed on Kimmel and Short. Their wartime ranks must be posthumously restored."
                                            Admiral James Lyons, former Commander in Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet

"Meticulous research...thorough-going...provides a great deal of insight into the ordeal of Admiral Husband Kimmel, who served his nation well but was treated shabbily by its leaders."
                                               Paul Stillwell, author of Battleship Arizona and the former senior editor of Proceedings

"Compelling, thoroughly researched. A much needed objective look, especially, at the role of Admiral Husband Kimmel, who was in command of the U.S. Pacific Fleet on December 7and whose name was forever tainted. Summers and Swan make complex history clear."
                                                         Col. Kevin Farrell, former Chief of Military History, U.S. Military Academy, West Point.

"Streamlined, muscular, objective, and well-written - a sensitive examination of a vast constellation of source material. Summers and Swan dispose of the silly "President Roosevelt had foreknowledge" conspiracy theory in a no-nonsense way. And they present a powerful argument in defense of Admiral Kimmel, who was blamed for the attack and forced into inglorious retirement. They prove that Kimmel was deprived of vital intelligence information and - far from being guilty of dereliction of duty - did the best he could with the limited sources available. An excellent book."
                                                    Martin Morgan, World War II historian and author of The Americans on D-Day